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What Are Soft Skills?

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Soft skills are crucial to your ability to succeed in your job, land your dream career, and have successful relationships. Where hard skills relate to job-specific and task-specific certifications, like learning a specific computer software or getting a required certificate, soft skills are purely inter-personal. They aren’t as easily evaluated or proven. Soft skills include empathy, attitude, teamwork, creative thinking, flexibility, and listening skills among many others.

It’s important to continually develop our soft skills because strength in them can determine what your boss thinks of you, if co-workers enjoy working with you, or if you make a supportive partner to your spouse. They are hard to evaluate but can be easily worked on every day through your daily routines. For example, if you want to improve your listening skills, remember you have 2 ears and 1 mouth. Spend 2/3 of most of your conversations listening and 1/3 speaking. If you want to improve your time management, create a schedule on your phone or on paper, and set alarms on your phone 15 minutes before you need to switch to a new task.

Soft skills are incredibly important to your relationships at home and in your career.

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